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Internet Access Plans

"Wi-Fi" Fixed Wireless Broadband
Explore the possibilities of life online with Fixed Wireless Broadband. A dedicated high-speed connection can save you time and money
Enjoy online TV: Live Local Chicago Chanels, from Locast.org, Hulu TV, YouTube TV and others
On Demand Streaming of Movies and TV series from Anazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu and others.

No Instalation Charges
Non-Recurring Service Contract on Access Equipment May Be Required.

      $125.00     Antenna Equipment*
       $40.00      Wireless Router*

Recurring Monthly Charges, All speeds are garentied to be as stated within 10%

Monthly      Bandwidth     What to Expect
      $ 24.00          2meg/sec.        1, 256 Video Stream 
      $ 36.00          3meg/sec.:       1, 360 Video Stream 
      $ 48.00          4meg/sec.:       1, 480 Standard Video Stream
      $ 66.00          7meg/sec.:       2, 480 Standared Video Streams
      $ 91.00          10meg/sec.       1, 720 HD Video Stream
      $121.00        14 meg/sec.:       1, 1080 HD Video Stream
      $212.00        24 meg/sec.       1, 4K Video Stream
One time charge to cover replacement of damage equipment. Must have a current and active high-speed connection account to be in affect.